Image Name Level Rarity Type Subtype Age
Nomad's Pearl Bludgeoner
80 Exotic Weapon Mace 3 years ago
Berserker's Banded Coat of Grenth
80 Rare Armor Coat 3 years ago
Cleric's Rubicon Shoulderpads of Dwayna
80 Exotic Armor Shoulders 3 years ago
Carrion Reinforced Scale Pauldrons of Grenth
80 Masterwork Armor Shoulders 3 years ago
Celestial Pearl Stinger of Force
80 Exotic Weapon LongBow 3 years ago
Rabid Rubicon Leggings of Lyssa
80 Exotic Armor Leggings 3 years ago
Pearl Blunderbuss of Force
80 Ascended Weapon Rifle 3 years ago
Rawhide Bracers of the Engineer
80 Exotic Armor Gloves 3 years ago
Laranthir's Visor
80 Ascended Armor Helm 3 years ago
Wanderer's Auric Scepter
80 Exotic Weapon Scepter 3 years ago
Ogre Trident
80 Rare Weapon Trident 3 years ago
Pahua's Blade
80 Ascended Weapon Sword 3 years ago
Valkyrie Auric Axe
80 Exotic Weapon Axe 3 years ago
Recipe: Pot of Truffle Risotto
80 Masterwork Consumable Unlock 3 years ago
Barbaric Pauldrons
80 Masterwork Armor Shoulders 3 years ago
Defender's Spirit Branch
80 Ascended Weapon Staff 3 years ago
Ghost Pepper
80 Basic CraftingMaterial 3 years ago
Kaiser Snake Staff
80 Ascended Weapon Staff 3 years ago
Triumphant Raiment
80 Exotic Armor Coat 3 years ago
Assaulter's Xera Backpiece
80 Ascended Back 3 years ago
Rampager's Mithril Pistol
80 Masterwork Weapon Pistol 3 years ago
Malicious Gages of the Obedient
80 Ascended Armor Gloves 2 years ago
Perfected Envoy Helmet
80 Legendary Armor Helm 2 years ago
Eiron, Bellowing Grief of Severance
80 Exotic Weapon Warhorn 2 years ago
Dark Asuran Warhorn
80 Exotic Weapon Warhorn 3 years ago