Image Name Level Rarity Type Subtype Age
Rampager's Cabalist Coat
80 Rare Armor Coat 5 years ago
Rifle of the Dragon's Deep
80 Exotic Weapon Rifle 5 years ago
Flame Legion Leggings
80 Exotic Armor Leggings 5 years ago
Dark Asuran Short Bow
80 Exotic Weapon ShortBow 5 years ago
Rabid Rascal Gloves of the Engineer
80 Exotic Armor Gloves 2 years ago
Marshal's Astral Cleaver
80 Exotic Weapon Axe 3 years ago
Corsair Maintenance Oil
80 Masterwork Consumable Utility 3 years ago
Trident of Agony
80 Exotic Weapon Trident 5 years ago
80 Legendary Weapon Scepter 2 years ago
Diviner's Pearl Conch
80 Exotic Weapon Focus 2 years ago
Warlord's Shinplates
80 Exotic Armor Boots about a year ago
Blood Legion Staff of Strength
80 Rare Weapon Staff 12 months ago
Assassin's Tengu Echo Focus
80 Exotic Weapon Focus 9 months ago
Imbued Holographic Howl
80 Exotic Weapon Warhorn 8 months ago
Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Focus
80 Exotic Weapon Focus 7 months ago
80 Exotic Weapon Warhorn 5 years ago
Ebon Vanguard Longbow
80 Rare Weapon LongBow 5 years ago
Berserker's Axe
80 Basic Weapon Axe 5 years ago
80 Exotic Weapon Sword 5 years ago
Bramble Morning Star
80 Exotic Weapon Mace 5 years ago
Whisperer Bow
80 Exotic Weapon LongBow 5 years ago
Straw Effigy
80 Exotic Weapon Focus 5 years ago
Council Ministry Circlet
80 Exotic Armor Helm 5 years ago
Apothecary's Elder Wood Harpoon Gun
80 Masterwork Weapon Speargun 5 years ago
80 Exotic Weapon Harpoon 5 years ago