Image Name Level Rarity Type Subtype Age
Ruka's Warhammer
80 Ascended Weapon Hammer 5 years ago
Svaard's Visage
80 Ascended Armor Helm 5 years ago
Multifarious Malicious Leggings
80 Ascended Armor Leggings 5 years ago
Tin of Fruitcake
80 Fine Consumable Utility 5 years ago
Orrian Truffle
80 Basic CraftingMaterial 5 years ago
Carnival Pistol
80 Exotic Weapon Pistol 4 years ago
Wegloop's Air Veil
80 Ascended Armor HelmAquatic 4 years ago
Knight's Mithril Pistol
80 Masterwork Weapon Pistol 5 years ago
Seraph Pearl Reaver
80 Exotic Weapon Axe 4 years ago
Forgeman Boots
80 Exotic Armor Boots 5 years ago
Rampager's Cabalist Gloves
80 Rare Armor Gloves 5 years ago
Scepter of the Dragon's Deep
80 Exotic Weapon Scepter 5 years ago
Flame Legion Shoulders
80 Exotic Armor Shoulders 5 years ago
Assassin's Bronze Spear of Rage
80 Exotic Weapon Harpoon 2 years ago
Dark Asuran Dagger
80 Exotic Weapon Dagger 5 years ago
Sublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Breastplate
80 Legendary Armor Coat 4 years ago
The Twins' Warhammer
80 Ascended Weapon Hammer 3 years ago
Healer's Brazier
80 Ascended Weapon Torch 3 years ago
Malicious Greaves
80 Ascended Armor Boots 3 years ago
Defender's Flanged Mace
80 Ascended Weapon Mace 3 years ago
Bringer's Emblazoned Pants
80 Exotic Armor Leggings 3 years ago
Trident of Force
80 Exotic Weapon Trident 5 years ago
Plaguedoctor's Orichalcum-Imbued Inscription
80 Exotic CraftingMaterial 3 years ago
Mistforged Glorious Hero's Pauldrons
80 Ascended Armor Shoulders 2 years ago
Racing Scarf
80 Rare Armor Shoulders 2 years ago