Image Name Level Rarity Type Subtype Age
80 Basic CraftingMaterial 5 years ago
Valkyrie Backpack Strap of Beryl
80 Exotic Back 5 years ago
Soldier's Tempered Scale Greaves of the Guardian
80 Exotic Armor Boots 5 years ago
Attuned Marriner's Compass
80 Ascended Trinket Ring 5 years ago
Light Glacial Gauntlets
80 Exotic Armor Gloves 4 years ago
Valkyrie Mithril Pistol
80 Masterwork Weapon Pistol 5 years ago
Marauder Gloves
80 Exotic Armor Gloves 4 years ago
Forgeman Jacket
80 Exotic Armor Coat 5 years ago
Marauder Draconic Coat of Divinity
80 Exotic Armor Coat 4 years ago
Shield of the Dragon's Deep
80 Exotic Weapon Shield 5 years ago
Flame Legion Boots
80 Exotic Armor Boots 5 years ago
Dark Asuran Focus
80 Exotic Weapon Focus 5 years ago
Cleric's Amulet of Sapphire
80 Exotic Trinket Amulet 2 years ago
Cobalt Antique Blade
80 Ascended Weapon Sword 3 years ago
Giftbringer's Wand
80 Ascended Weapon Scepter 3 years ago
Spear of Force
80 Exotic Weapon Harpoon 5 years ago
Berserker's Iron Mace of Battle
80 Rare Weapon Mace 5 years ago
Berserker's Iron Dagger of Bloodlust
80 Rare Weapon Dagger 5 years ago
Rampager's Soft Wood Scepter of Accuracy
80 Masterwork Weapon Scepter 5 years ago
Royal Flame Greatsword
80 Exotic Weapon Greatsword about a year ago
Imbued Holographic Spark
80 Exotic Weapon Dagger 8 months ago
Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Scepter
80 Exotic Weapon Scepter 7 months ago
Ebon Vanguard Short Bow
80 Rare Weapon ShortBow 5 years ago
Alpine Trident
80 Exotic Weapon Trident 5 years ago
Bramble Rifle
80 Exotic Weapon Rifle 5 years ago