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(+): When you use a leading plus sign before a word, this word must be present in each item ("+red +dye").

(-): When you use a leading minus sign before a word, it excludes items with that word ("-rune -sigil").

Sort: You can sort by name, age, sell, buy, etc. In Table View, You can sort by clicking the field name at the top of a column.

or : Ascending or Descending Order.

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Profession: Excludes armors and weapons that cannot be used by this profession.

Prefix: The specific stat-allocation varies by prefix. Prefixes

Add a filter: It enables you to add number range filters where you can filter columns by the min and max values.

Columns: You can add, remove, or move columns to further customize your views.

Dye Matcher

You need to choose 3 colors to find the closest matching dyes.
Each dye has 3 colors. Their colors depend on the material (cloth, leather or metal).
Hexadecimal Colors


Sell: The lowest sell offer price.

Buy: The highest buy order price.

Profit: Profit = Sell*85%-Buy

Profit %: Profit% = Profit/Buy*100%

Supply: The amount of items being sold.

Demand: The amount of items being bought.

Sold: Items sold in the last day.

Offers: New sell offers in the last day.

Bought: Items bought in the last day.

Bids: New buy orders in the last day.

* Sold, offers, Bought and Bids are estimations.


Shadow Abyss

Shadow Abyss Dye


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